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Zeeko Spitfire Alloy hydrofoil 2017 Edition

ZEEKO’s R & D office is proud to announce the release of the latest evolution of the ‘Alloy Series’ hydrofoil: The SPITFIRE Hydrofoil.

This foil is a revolution in terms of design. The totally innovative geometry allows you to taste the joys of an hydrofoil with surfboarding f eeling.
The Spitfire is the fruit of years of R & D geared towards fun. After developing a range of freeride foil wings, we have created the Carver wings and with the Spitfire we took it to a higher level and made a total breakthrough in design.
Our goal was simple: introduce a foil with the best control in the curves and a carving potential beyond standard.
For that, it was necessary to find a geometry creating the same feeling as a surfboard, to have a foil that does not stall during hard turns. This development has brought additional characteristics: the foil is more docile during the falls, is faster in light winds, has an incredible upwind ability all this with wings 30% smaller.

What’s new:
- New innovative, efficient and safe design
- Extreme carving capacity
- Excellent upwind
- Hydrofoil dedicated to wave riding and jumping
- Feeling of carving similar to surfboard
- New fast mounting plate

Tech sheet

Price $1055.00

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Zeeko Foil Freeride Carbone 2016 ( Tuttle or Plate)

ZEEKO is proud to announce the release of the 3rd generation of hydrofoils.
As the first kitebrand to introduce hydrofoils on the world wide market in 2010-2011, we deliver
a new generation of hydrofoils proving unbeatable experience in R&D and production process.

- High-quality construction
- Full carbon mast, wings and profiled fuselage
- Negative lift stabilizator wing, adjustable Yaw effect
- Finishing made in the mold
- French R&D and design.

Tech sheet

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Whie and Green ALLOY HYDROFOIL 2017

ZEEKO R & D offices are proud to announce the release of the latest development foils 'Alloy Series'. An aluminum foil with the best quality / price ratio.
- A finish further increased
- Improved hydrodynamic fuselage
- New quick plate/board connexion
- A wider range of fins option covering all types of practice
- transport case delivered with the foil

Price $1000.00

Tech sheet

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Dedicated to strapless freestyle, foil & waves. The 2015 Slash quad fin is available in 2 sizes for 3 different configurations :
- 5'4 foil, equipped with inserts + reinforcements to a foil platinum.
- 5'2, for lighter or a female rider.

Tech sheet

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Dimensions : 
155 x 46 x 2.5 cm 

Construction : 
Composite core / FiberGlass

2 front strap positions : V or longitudinal (straps not included) 

Ideal for progress and doing tricks in foil. 

Tech sheet

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Zeeko Foil Case

Soft Boots

New enhanced Zeeko foil case in to 2 parts : one for the mat, one for the fuselage + back and front wings assembled.
Closure zipper + Velcro
Fits most of the foils on the market.

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